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Summer Social Skills Packet Elementary

Summer social skills packet

Social skill instruction is so important and all that practice should not stop just because it is summer! If you are working with students who have difficulty with play and leisure skills, this packet will help! Feel free to print off and use as a guide for therapy. Feel free to print off and provide…

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A social skill hack for elementary to high school students

A social skills hack for elementary to high school aged students. This blog and video discusses an easy and free strategy to work on social language skills.

  Working with students who vary in age and are working on increasing their social skills can be a bit of a challenge. This hack will help you use one material – that you probably already have- for many different clients. This material is UNO. UNO is a very popular game that is played often…

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Elementary Social Skills – Musical Chairs and Simon Says

Play is so very important for all children! I have three small children of my own and they love to play. We play games, babies, sports, gymnastics, kitchen, etc… It is never ending. What I have learned in my many years of being both a speech language pathologist and board certified behavior analyst is that…

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Social skills for middle school and high school students

Middle School and High School LanguageLessons                            Working with students at the middle school and high school level can be quite the challenge. Keeping things fun and functional can be difficult for even the most seasoned therapist. Middle school and high school students…

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Social Skills and Modified Memory

When you are working with students who have autism or other complex communication disorders, there may be so many areas to focus on that it can be overwhelming! We want to help our students increase their communication skills and become more independent with these skills. We also want our students to enjoy play and leisure…

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