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Top 5 Life Skills Resources

Life skills are critical for everyone. One must be able to effectively communicate in vocational settings, school settings, leisure settings, and community settings. When working …

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Joint Attention for Autistic Learners

Joint attention is a super powerful foundational tool for working with autistic learners. Foundational communication must be explicitly taught to our autistic learners and joint …

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First Autism Connection

What an exciting opportunity coming soon with our new LIVE event, Autism Connection!! ABA Speech is partnering with Sasha Long, founder and president  of the …

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Using TikTok in Therapy

Who doesn’t love TikTok? If you haven’t heard about it before, TikTok is a fascinating platform of  short videos of literally everything! Hours can definitely …

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Play Skills Development

Play is this fascinating tool that allows children to absorb information, learn, engage, socialize, and communicate. Play is vital to children’s development. Play is a …

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5 Early Signs of Autism

Our children are precious. Our students are loved. We want the best for them no matter what, but what happens if you start to notice …

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