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Start Communicating Today LIVE! 

Helping autistic toddlers and preschool aged students find their voices is truly my passion. Through ABA speech, I am so happy to continue to help …

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Summer Craft Compilation!

Summer will be here before we know it! I have gathered some of my favorite summer craft ideas from some amazing SLP’s to get you …

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Joint Attention Course ASHA and ACE

Clear your calendar because a new ABA Speech course is here! Yes, there is an exciting new course available! The course is through Zoom and …

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The Communication Matrix

Communication is powerful. Many of our autistic learners are not communicating through speech or writing, but are still communicating. How do you determine what goals …

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Big News From ABA Speech!

I have some really BIG NEWS to share with you very soon! I have been working on something that will allow me to serve more …

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Things Not to Do When Supporting Autistic Learners

Supporting autistic learners is my passion and it is incredibly important as an SLP and an ABA provider to understand and be responsive to the …

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