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A social skills hack for elementary to high school aged students. This blog and video discusses an easy and free strategy to work on social language skills.

A social skill hack for elementary to high school students

  Working with students who vary in age and are working on increasing their social skills can be a bit of a challenge. This hack …

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A social skills game to play with mixed groups. If you are anything like me you have students who are working on a variety of social skills. This game is free and fun. Post to your speech therapy board today! #socialskills

Social skills game for mixed groups

If you are anything like me you have many students who are working on a variety of social skills. It can be a challenge to …

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Speech therapy can be powerful for students who are limited verbally. These strategies can help you navigate what to do when working with students with language delays. #speechtherapy #languagedelay

Speech Therapy Strategies For Students Who Are Limited Verbally

  Today we have Dan Fitch doing a guest blog. Thanks Dan for this post! “Use your words.” Many professionals in the field often overuse …

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Summer Language Activities

It’s summertime and school is out for many children. A break from school often means a break from routines, or at least a change in …

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Applied behavior analysis and parenting – tips from a SLP/BCBA

Applied behavior analysis is not just a science that can be utilized to help students with autism or other disabilities. A formal definition of Applied Behavior …

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Speech therapy activities- a focus on literacy

  Working on literacy skills with students during therapy sessions can be so very important and vital in helping them increase their overall receptive and …

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