Distance learning with older students can be overwhelming! Working with older students in this manner comes with a variety of challenges. We want to make sure that what we are sharing with students helps them with their communication skills. Below I will share my favorite no prep distance resources!

Conversation Starters are a must! It can be hard to get students talking during this time. Put your email down below to be sent some free conversation starters perfect for middle and high school aged students! I also love using these conversation starters. There are social questions for each month and social questions that are more general in nature. You can pull up the Conversation Starters For The Year and share the screen with your student. These are perfect to use for distance learning and face to face sessions. Conversation Starters For The Year

Working on vocational skills is important for students in this age group! We want to make sure that students have exposure to vocabulary and skills that they will use in each job setting. Our freebie bakery unit is perfect for any student who is learning at school or through distance learning. This unit includes real life pictures, a comprehension passage and social questions. A wonderful extension activity is working on a baking activity as well. Get that freebie down below.

Another skill area that we typically focus on at this age level is social skills! Giving students practice with simulated social scenarios is an important first step on the journey to applying social skills. Share these scenes with your students. Discuss what is happening in each picture, have them answer questions about how the people are feeling, what is taking place and how they would navigate each situation. Just share the scenes with your students via computer or in a face to face session.

Navigating the Social Scene Bundle

These resources are my go to activities at this age level. Use them with your middle school and high school students this week. No prep and a functional way to help your students increase their skills without the stress!

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