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Social skills game for mixed groups

By Rosemarie Griffin

A social skills game to play with mixed groups. If you are anything like me you have students who are working on a variety of social skills. This game is free and fun. Post to your speech therapy board today! #socialskills

If you are anything like me you have many students who are working on a variety of social skills. It can be a challenge to plan functional therapy for mixed groups of students. The video below shows you one of my favorite games to play with students. It can be played as a reinforcement after hard work during the session or it can be played for students who are working on social skills. I call this game the grocery store or store game. I wrote about this in my September 2017 article in the ASHA leader titled, ” It can be fun and games.” I will tell you the steps below.

  1. Write out the alphabet vertically on a dry erase board, or just part of the alphabet – depending on how much time you have.
  2. Download the free visuals at the end of this blog post. You can use them as a visual prompt for students who may have trouble coming up with an item they could purchase with each letter of the alphabet.
  3. Write the carrier phrase, I bought ______________ at the top of the dry erase board.
  4. Each student takes a turn with a letter of the alphabet thinking of something they could buy at the store. A = apple, B = banana, etc…
  5. If a student is having a hard time – show the visuals from the powerpoint below to help prompt the correct answer or describe the item to the student. This will vary based on the student’s language level.

Enjoy this youtube video I made all about how to play this game! Fill out the form below to grab your free visuals! Enjoy.


  1. Lisa Crowley

    Do you need to sign up for converkit to access this handout?

    • Rosemarie Griffin

      Hi Lisa. You do need to put in your email and it will automatically come your way. Excited for you to use this resource.

      • Holly Woods

        I tried putting my info in and subscription confirmation email sent me to the CovertKit website and did not give the resource? Is there another way to access it?

        • Rosemarie Griffin

          Just sent – hope your students enjoy this!



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