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Archive for January 2018

Expressive language skills- labeling

Labeling is a very important skill for a variety of students that we may encounter in our practice. But what to label is the question. How do we choose what targets we should choose for our students with more intensive needs? I wanted to give you a snapshot into the process I use when choosing…

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Speech therapy activities- Planning for generalization

Are you a clinician working with students with autism and/or other complex communication disorders? If so, planning for the generalization of skills is an essential part of the intervention process. Generalization can be defined as the occurrence of a target behavior in a non-training situation after training. So if we are working with a student on labeling pizza…

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A fun website all SLPs should know about!

As a school based speech language pathologist, I work with students from grades kindergarten to 10th grade. With that broad range of ages, abilities and variety of goals, there are so many resources and tools that I need to know about and utilize on a daily basis. One of the tools that I love and…

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Get your Autism IEP Goal Bank!